Hotel Milagu is a unit of Fantasy Foods Group, is managed by an efficient Management team under the ownership of the Almighty. Currently Fantasy Foods runs four successful Hotels and Restaurants at Madurai catering to the Family and Business needs. We also specializes in Party Orders, outdoor catering and Event Management activities. Apart from the regular restaurant services, we also provide other Facilities like:

Apart from the regular restaurant services, we also provide other Facilities like:

  • A/C Hall for Corporate Conferences & Meetings.
  • Our Premise for functions like Birthday Parties, Re-unions, Farewell Parties etc.
  • Buffet Service on request.
  • Event Management for your Entertainment needs &
  • Outdoor Catering for Weddings, Parties, etc.

Mission Statement

Our Objectives of our firm are not just carved in stone on the wall... You can see them working everyday in the lives of our people...

  • To honour GOD in all we do
  • To help people develop
  • To pursue excellence
  • To grow profitably

The Immutables (unchanging or unchangeable)

  • Truth cannot be compromised
  • Everyone has a job to do, and no one should benefit at the expense of another
  • We should treat everyone with dignity and worth
  • Our combined efforts are for the benefit of us & customers
  • We must be always willing to serve

This simple truth of recognizing the potential, diginity and worth of the individual has been one of the most important factors of the success and growth of our business. People are playing different instruments with different part, but when they perform together from the same musical score, they produce beautiful music. They produce value. We have a wholesale partnership with customers. This partnership puts our performance at risk. If we fail to keep a promise, we pay the difference.